Ramon Rivas II: The Revolution of Cleveland Comedy [Video]

Ramon Rivas II, a stand-up comedian from Cleveland, OH, cultivated a space for comedic performers to hone their craft. In other words, he stirred up Cleveland’s comedic juices, shaking up a delectable cocktail of local comedic artists for your entertainment pleasure.

The founder of Accidental Comedy Fest and the curator of Accidental Comedy Club, Ramon saw an opportunity for comedy to blossom in Cleveland. “I realized that Northeast Ohio has one of the highest arts endowments in the country, but it’s never been applied to the comedic arts,” Ramon said.

Photo courtesy of James Douglas Studio

Ramon, who has since made his television debut on The Half Hour with Comedy Central, “founded it [Accidental Comedy Club] with the intention of it being a collective of performers dedicated to enriching the arts in Cleveland through comedy.”

Accidental Comedy Club presents comedy to local Cleveland hotspots like Mahall’s 20 Lanes and Barrio, as well as many unique venues. “It winds up leading to a lot of really unique and great moments and a bunch of weird bowling alleys, Slovenian homes, rooftops and bar basements around the greater Cleveland area,” Ramon said.

“Long term, I’d like for it to be as ingrained in the culture of Cleveland as Second City is in Chicago, a beacon of where comedy is formed to be enjoyed, and also a place to help artists transition from amateur to professional.”

Accidental Comedy Fest, a 3-day comedy spectacular, transforms Mahall’s 20 Lanes into a 3-stage, 50+ comedian hotspot. If you’re a true Clevelander, you absolutely must partake in this sidesplitting event. That is, if you have any funny bones in your body.

If you missed the belly laughs of the fest in August, don’t beat yourself up too much. Accidental Comedy Club will tide you over with laughs until next summer. Your favorite local comedians like Jimmie Graham, John Bruton, Mary Santora, Joshua Morrow, Cody Cooper, Brian Kenny and more take the stage for Make Em Laugh Mondays at The Grog Shop and on Wednesdays for Modern Kicks at The Happy Dog (West).

Photo courtesy of Comedy at the Knitting Factory

In the upcoming year, Ramon will continue to travel across the country making people giggle, until he returns home to the happy faces of Cleveland. As for the future of Accidental Comedy Club, “it’s on to the next wave of comedic ambassadors to continue growing and developing the next iteration of comedy in Cleveland.”

For the latest tasty comedy treats coming up around Cleveland, follow Ramon on Twitter: @blazerramon.

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